Jennifer Richler is a freelance writer living in Bloomington, Indiana.

Finding a New Path

Israel wakes up to the needs of ex-Haredim


What Happened to Israel’s ‘New Haredim’?

Integration of the ultra-Orthodox into modern Israeli society—jobs, schools, the IDF— has stalled, but experts say further progress is inevitable


A Place for the Disabled: on Stage and Screen

Jewish organizations are at the forefront of the battle for greater inclusion of people with disabilities, particularly in the performing arts


You’ve Made Aliyah. Now What?

Israeli agencies offer programs to help newcomers settle in, but some worry that the country needs to offer more support to prevent them from leaving


Saying No to Kids

In Israel, women are saying they can lead full lives without having children


Why I Stopped Saying the Unetaneh Tokef, and Why I’m Ready To Say It Again

After my mother died, I couldn’t recite the High Holiday prayer anymore—until I gained a new understanding of its words

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