Judy Bolton-Fasman's work has appeared in the New York Times, the Forward, The Jerusalem Report, and other venues.

An Interview with Sharon Cohen Anisfeld, the First Woman to Head Hebrew College

“What is very meaningful to me about being the first woman in this role is the extent to which my own leadership expands people’s images of what a leader can look like and what leadership itself can look like. It’s expanding the sense of what is possible.”


Memories of Cuba Past

Four years ago, I walked the Havana streets where my grandparents used to live. Somehow, it still felt like home.


Voices From the Children’s House

Yael Neeman’s memoir ‘We Were the Future’ looks back on the bygone days of her kibbutz life


A ‘Flower Girl’ Walks Down the Aisle at a Same-Sex Jewish Wedding

Author Meryl G. Gordon recently spoke about her Keshet award-winning book ‘The Flower Girl Wore Celery’ in Boston


Memories of a ‘Treyf’ Life

In her new memoir, Elissa Altman looks back on a lifetime of food, family, and the contradictions of life as an American Jew


Coming Out in the Classroom

A decade ago, the movie ‘Hineini’ opened a discussion about LGBT issues in Jewish schools. Now educators say the situation has improved—although challenges remain.

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