Kat Rosenfield, a former reporter for MTV News, is the Edgar-nominated author of Amelia Anne is Dead and Gone andInland.

The Real Problem With Cancel Culture

It’s not about celebrities. It’s about us losing trust in each other.


Judge, Jury, and Interviewer

Celebrity profiles have become an excuse for fawning over celebrities or attacking political targets, but it’s time for journalists to get back to seeking the truth


Birth of the Cool Guy

What lies beneath the surface of his performative feminism?


NPR: Neo-Puritan Revival

Why can’t young feminists seem to acknowledge their agency, or fathom that they experience desire at all?


Sarah Silverman Tweaks #MeToo

In providing some context about her friend Louis C.K., is she making a useful reintroduction into the public realm of a forgotten version of femininity?


The Social Media Echo Chamber Failed to Kill ‘Insatiable’

An outcry over a new show’s alleged fat-shaming may be more a crisis of criticism in the age of Twitter

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