K.C. Johnson is professor of history at Brooklyn College and the CUNY Graduate Center.

Can a Friend’s Tweet Get You Deported?

A 17-year-old accepted to Harvard claims that U.S. officials denied his visa and deported him—before reversing that decision the day before the start of classes—based only on his friends’ social media posts


Forget the Squad, Politicians Like Chellie Pingree Represent the Real Threat to Israel 

How the congresswoman from Maine, who’s never shown any interest in the Middle East, turned against Israel


Separate and Unequal for Jewish Groups on Campus

After the student government at the elite Williams College denied formal recognition to a pro-Israel group, the school’s president intervened


Let Them Speak

Attempts by Jewish groups to stop a panel of anti-Israel speakers at UMass are misguided and bound to backfire


Want to Fight BDS on Campus? Don’t Count on University Presidents

Despite a few recent examples of college administrations standing up for Jewish students, faculties are likely to bend to anti-Israel pressure in the long run unless opposed systemically


Free Speech and CUNY Anti-Semitism

The nation’s largest higher education institution issues a 24-page report on anti-Semitic behavior among its students and points the way to a saner campus environment

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