Leela Corman is an illustrator, cartoonist, and an instructor and performer of Middle Eastern dance. Her most recent graphic novel, Unterzakhn, has been nominated for the L.A. Times Book Award and the Eisner Award.

The Blood Road

A visit to Buchenwald left me feeling defiantly alive


Bearing Witness at Buchenwald

In an excerpt from the forthcoming graphic novel ‘Victory Parade,’ a Jewish American soldier named Sam Arensberg helps liberate the concentration camp—but the horrors he witnesses haunt his dreams


The Book of the Dead

My grandparents survived the Holocaust and struggled to build a new life in America. How can I, as an artist living a relatively pampered life, honor their memories?


The Irreducible Essence of Jewishness

The basic elements of identity that we share, from dark humor to jarred gefilte fish


Drawing Strength From My Grandfather, Who Carried His Losses From the Holocaust

Since my first child died, I’ve tried to understand how my grandfather handled losing his entire family, and how he kept going


Jewish Bellydancers in Brooklyn

My bellydancing students—Russian immigrants, Hasidic women—showed me a new side of the borough

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