Mark Horowitz is a former editor at Wired and The New York Times. His Twitter feed is @MarkHorowitz

Michael Sfard Can’t Win

Too Israeli for the left and not Zionist enough for the right, this human-rights lawyer could be one of Israel’s most effective ambassadors if his critics weren’t so afraid of what he has to say


The Escape Artist

Israelis are caught in a trap: A majority believes the occupation can’t continue, but the same majority is convinced it can’t end. Has Israeli philosopher Micah Goodman finally found a way out? 


Was Hollywood Too Jewish?

A subversive biography of movie mogul Jack Warner tries a new answer to an old question


The Myth of Jewish Hollywood’s Collaboration With the Nazis

A Harvard researcher was convinced he’d found evidence of 1930s movie mogul fascism. But did he get it wrong?

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