Miriam Levy-Haim is a student at the CUNY Graduate Center's Master's program in Middle Eastern Studies, with a particular interest in the history of Jews of the Middle East. She has worked for several Jewish educational institutions developing curricula for adults and teens.

Portrait of the Rebbetzin

Chaya Mushka Schneerson kept a low profile as the wife of Chabad-Lubavitch leader Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson. But since her death, 30 years ago today, she has become an iconic figure in her own right.


Jewish Participation in Iranian Political Life

Recent protests in Iran join a long history of what today would be known as activism


A Conversation with Mary Peldman, the New Principal of The Sephardic Academy

“Studying some of the classic Sephardic books has opened us up to a range of different approaches and pedagogic models”

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