Naomi Sandweiss is the author of Jewish Albuquerque, and editor of Legacy, the publication of the New Mexico Jewish Historical Society.

Jews on the Prairie

The rise and fall of Beersheba, a Jewish agricultural colony that brought immigrants to Kansas in the 1880s


Beating the Flu

A century ago, Rabbi Moise Bergman helped the people of Albuquerque survive a deadly epidemic


Before WWII Began, a Generation of Jewish Men Joined FDR’s ‘Tree Army’

On Tu B’Shevat, recalling how planting trees in the Civilian Conservation Corps helped immigrants’ children become Americans


A Mobster in the Family

My husband’s great-uncle was generous and entertaining—and a member of Detroit’s Jewish crime syndicate


The Great War’s Jewish Soldiers

On Veterans Day, I remember my grandfather, who fought in World War I as a Jew and an American


Land of Enchantment

As New Mexico marks 100 years of statehood, one woman looks back on her great-aunt and -uncle, who helped spur a century of Jewish life there

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