Ofra Bengio is Head of the Kurdish Studies Program at the Moshe Dayan Center, Tel Aviv University, and the author of The Kurds of Iraq: Building a State within a State.

Israel’s New Diplomatic Horizon

A surprise visit by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to Oman last month reveals the Jewish state’s shifting foreign policy


Kurdistan, the New Israel?

As Iraqi Kurds put independence to a referendum on Monday, the Arab world works to quash the statehood aspirations of the Western-friendly nation


Do Iranian Clerics Dream of Eliminating Israel?

The enlightened-benighted paradoxes of the Shia state have deep roots, and relations with Jews are at a historical nadir


Meet the Kurds, a Historically Oppressed People Who Will Get Their Own State

While Hamas fires rockets, and ISIS beheads unbelievers, the Kurds build the second non-Arab state in the Middle East

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