Rachel Gordan is the Ray D. Wolfe Postdoctoral Fellow in Jewish Studies at the University of Toronto.

They Warned Her Not to Write About Anti-Semitism

Jill Kargman’s account of anti-Semitic bullying at her son’s school echoes the tale told in one of the first American novels to confront the prejudice against Jews in ‘respectable” society.’


A Marriage That Changed the Course of History

What Natalie Zemon Davis, pioneering scholar of early modern Europe, owes to her husband, and Martin Guerre


In a Previously Unpublished Letter, Sam Bronfman Gives Advice to His 13-year-old Son

As Edgar Bronfman is eulogized in Manhattan, looking back to a Jewish coming of age in a time of war and sorrow


Modern Times

Herman Wouk wrote a foundational text for American postwar Modern Orthodoxy, and for the emancipated Jewish literature in its wake

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