Ruchama Feuerman is the author of the novel In the Courtyard of the Kabbalist, and just recently The Mountain Jews and the Mirror, a children's folktale about the Jews of Casablanca.

Grandma’s Harira Soup: Sukkot, With a Touch of Casablanca

‘Recipes for food she had, but not so much recipes for life. But her cooking. Her cooking was the flawless creation that she wasn’t’


Holy Thief

Tablet Original Fiction: a rabbi, a broken soul, and a huge wad of cash


Searching for Myself at Jerusalem’s Hippie Yeshiva

I didn’t fit in among the scruffy rock musicians and young women in shawls and drapey skirts, but my Shavuot visit changed me


Sukkot and the Single Woman: A Holiday of Thankfulness and Self-Invention

I never felt comfortable in my Orthodox neighborhood on Sukkot until I made a sukkah of my own—from the most unlikely materials


Under a Spell

The road to marriage churns up an unusual conundrum: What happens when you fall for the matchmaker—not the match?

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