Rosie Whitehouse is a freelance journalist based in London who is currently researching a book on the travails of Holocaust survivors 1944-48.

The Last Jew of St. Poelten

Hans Morgenstern’s family fled the Nazis before returning to Austria after the war. Now, as the only Jew left in his small town outside Vienna, he laughs darkly watching the rise of Europe’s new far-right.


The Failure of Holocaust Education in Britain

Misplaced historical values, survivors dying off, the Labour Party’s new rhetoric, and pressures on secondary curricula are all contributing to a generation of U.K. children with little or incorrect knowledge of the horrors of World War II


The Cross and the Tallit

Israeli photographer Benyamin Reich channels his ultra-Orthodox upbringing into haunting images of faith and transgression


Italy Seeks to Remember Sheltering Holocaust Survivors—and Aliyah Bet

As Italy celebrates the birth of the Italian Republic in 1946, its political left finds a use in reviving the history of ordinary Italians who helped WWII refugees make their way to Palestine

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