Samuel Thrope is a Jerusalem-based writer and the translator of Jalal Al-e Ahmad's The Israeli Republic.

No Man on the Moon

A scrappy Israeli team is trying to win millions for sending an unmanned mission to the moon


What’s Your Beef?

A new lawsuit challenges Israeli rules for kosher meat, calling them a corrupt windfall for the Orthodox rabbinate


The Most Dangerous Man in Iran

Tehran University political scientist Sadegh Zibakalam dares to publicly oppose his regime’s foreign policy


Mizrahi Music’s New Arab Israeli Muslim Queen

Nasreen Qadri straddles a traditional Middle Eastern divide by choosing to sing in Hebrew. Will pop stardom follow?


‘Before the Revolution’ Explores the Sheltered Fantasy Lives Led by Israelis in Iran

Dan Shadur talks about his documentary about life under the Shah, and his parents’ golden years in Tehran


Animating the Talmud

Studio G-dcast videos bring together animators and storytellers to put a modern spin on ancient Jewish texts

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