Shany Mor is an Associate Fellow at the Hannah Arendt Center at Bard College and a Research Fellow at the Chaikin Center for Geostrategy at the University of Haifa. He served as a Director for Foreign Policy on the Israeli National Security Council.

Nobody Understands Democracy Anymore

A wave of recent books warning about a ‘crisis of democracy’ reveals that even our experts are confused about how democracies actually work


The Golan Heights and the Depths of Hypocrisy

The ‘norms’ invoked to challenge Israel’s claims to the Golan are selectively applied, totally contradictory, and would actually invalidate Palestinian territorial claims. Other than that, they make perfect sense.


Illiberal Democracy Spreads in Israel

If the Israeli right keeps winning elections without any real challenge, the country’s liberal democratic institutions will continue to crumble


Brexit Is Britain’s West Bank

Like the West Bank in Israeli politics, Brexit presents the British with a hopeless dilemma


Debunking UNESCO’s Dangerous Anti-Semitic Myth That Israel Is Trying to Destroy the Al Aqsa Mosque

The U.N. body was criticized for omitting Jewish ties to the Temple Mount. But what their resolution did affirm is far more troubling.

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