Shira Telushkin is a student at Harvard Divinity School, studying early Christianity and monasticism.

Why ‘Downton Abbey’ Was the Frummest Show on Television

The show’s universe is a world where rules matter, just like my Orthodox upbringing


The Jews You’ve Never Heard Of

In the Bay Area, Karaite Jews struggle to build a future in America


Challah and the Men Who Bake It

A Jewish women’s ritual gets its guy on


I Forgive You, I Forgive You Not

What happens when Yom Kippur stops being formulaic and starts getting real?


Shabbat Is a Day of Rest—But Does That Mean I Can’t Text My Friends?

Some Modern Orthodox teens observe ‘half-Shabbat,’ using cell phones in private. How widespread is the trend? Is it a crisis?


Man of Steel: How a Kosher Slaughterer Turned Knife-Making Into an Art

Rabbi Moshe Yurman is one of just three men in America making ritual knives for shochtim. You can guess what’s in his basement.

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