Shoshana Ne'ora Rishon, the daughter of a German Jewish mother and Black Catholic father, is a biracial advocate, interracial & inter-religious family adviser, and general race conversationalist. She blogs, speaks publicly, and runs classes for interracial families on socio-racial identity development. She (reluctantly) lives in Brooklyn with her husband and daughter.

One Small Step for Challah, One Giant Leap for Me

A painful interaction about my Jewish identity during my Shabbat Kallah is reconciled years later


A New Year, a New You

Jews perform their identities in many, many ways. To live more Jewishly, we must learn to understand, admire, and incorporate the practices of others into our daily lives.


Jewish Camping 101

Thinking of hitting the trail before summer’s out? Here’s a guide on how to celebrate your faith while pitching a tent on Shabbat.


Rules for Incorporating Diversity and Understanding at Jewish Sleepaway Camp

For many non-White or non-Ashkenazi Jews, sleepaway camp gifts scars rather than life-long friendships. Here’s what staffers and parents can do.


It’s Complicated: Honoring My Father

‘While he might not be my halakhic parent, he is still halakhically my parent’


Don’t Ask Me How It Feels To Be a Mother

I’m not ‘a mom.’ I’m just her mom.

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