Shira Rubin is a journalist in Tel Aviv. Follow her on Twitter @shira_rubin.

The History of the Inquisition, Wrapped Up in a Sausage

According to legend, the pork-free ‘alheira’ chorizo was created as a way for Jews to hide their identity. Whether or not that history has been exaggerated, it’s an important part of how Portugal is now wrestling with its Jewish past.


Bibi Netanyahu’s Nightmare Speaks

Meni Naftali worked security for the Israeli prime minister and his wife Sara, and now wants the world to know what they are really like


Israeli Bureaucrats Learning To Say ‘Bienvenue’ Amid French Immigration Wave

Officials have a plan for recognizing French qualificationsto stop new arrivals from heading back to Europe


In Divided Jerusalem, a School Bridges Boundaries Between Young Israeli Arabs and Jews

Originally the brainchild of an American Jew and an Arab Israeli, now a model for a small but growing educational trend


A Flourishing $40 Million Medical Marijuana Industry Helps Israelis Forget

On a kibbutz south of Tel Aviv, medical marijuana helps soothe the pain of cancer patients and Holocaust survivors


Leaving Orthodoxy for the IDF

As the Knesset debates conscription for Haredim, some teens are already leaving their community to serve

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