Tablet presents
King of the Egg Cream

P1 2 P1 2 A new old-time radio play about the sweet, syrupy egg cream racket of 1920s New York City, presented by Tablet. Created By Justin Bartha, Emil Stern, and Sigmund Stern, and featuring the voices of Richard Kind ('Curb Your Enthusiasm'), Bobby Cannavale ('Boardwalk Empire'), Ellen Barkin ('Oceans' Thirteen'), Alex Karpovsky ('Girls'), Ari Graynor ('For a Good Time, Call…'), Tony-winner Joanna Gleason, Melanie Lynskey ('Two and a Half Men'), Jason Ritter (NBC's 'Parenthood'), Michael Stuhlbarg ('A Serious Man'), Lewis Black ('The Daily Show'), and more.

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Justin Bartha as Harry Dolowich

Principal, Dolowich Law Offices; Chairman, Gold Seal Club of Quality: A Beneficial Organization for the Welfare of Consumers of Syrup

"Things are always gonna be against you... you just gotta keep going. That's the only way things'll happen."

Michael Stuhlbarg as Rabbi Morris Slikowsky

Dynamic Media Personality; Flatbush Rabbinical Academy, Class of 5686.

"Now it's extra kosher!"

John Rothman as Mr. Lefkowitz

Chairman, Founder, and President, Lefkowitz Quality Syrups

"I consider you family, Harry... isn't this something you'd do for your family?"

Joe Grifasi as Mr. Katz

Principal, Katz-Mackenzie; Brooklyn Bar Association Award, Most Tenacious.

"It says, throw the troublemaker overboard!"

Bobby Cannavale as Sam Dolowich

‘The Brownsville Banshee’; Golden Gloves, Brownsville Boxing Gym, 1919-1929.

"I fight for us all!"

Ari Graynor as Charlotte Lefkowitz

Actress, "Gold Diggers of 54th Street" (Broadway, Chorus); ‘The Cackler, Episode 1,437: The Infernal Area" (Girl Avoiding Swinging Blades).

"We're twenty-three, Harry, it's too late to keep nursing ridiculous dreams."

Jordan Gelber as Irving Dolowich

Viscosity Controller, Klopkins' Winery; Brain Ideas Man, Dolowich Law Offices

"With you as my adviser, I could singlehandedly take over the world of kosher beverages."

Jordan Lage as Sheriff Jethro

Sheriff, Mayor, Innkeeper; Township of New Purgatory. Winner, New Purgatory Gazette Award for Nicest Window Treatments; Runner-Up, Most Murderers Executed.

"My buddies have all been telling me about the Jew traveler going around to every town with his quality Jew beverage that's a taste sensation"

Richard Kind as Narrator

Enthusiast, History of New York Beverages.

"Find out in the next thrilling installment of King of the Egg Cream!"

Caroline Aaron as Estelle Dolowich

Chief Muse, Klopkin's Sacramental Wines

"I heard a rumor..."

Ellen Barkin as Mrs. Kaplan

Proprietress, Yankee Syrups; Mother of Yulia, who is violin genius prodigy.

"Are you making threat?"

Christopher Carley as Busboy

Supervisor, Rose Stem and Candle Nub Disposal, Grotto Nightclub

"Ah, nuts to those rich swells we work for!"

Joanna Gleason as Mrs. Dolowich

Chairwoman, Campaign for The Safety of Hat Store Guards

"Harry, no, it's not safe!"

Lewis Black as Uncle Alf

Entrepreneur, Bachelor, Innovator, Poser of Provocative Questions

"It's just a question of taste"

Jason Ritter as Louis Zabelsky

Award: Most Likely to Reoffend, New York Dept of Corrections, 1925; Proprietor, Poppa Zabelsky's Fire Cracker and Varnish Store

"I'll put a firecracker up your fanny, and that's a Louis Zabelsky promise!"

Melanie Lynskey as Alice Van Der Velder

Member, Concerned Women of the Upper East Side; Heiress to the Vandervelder Tin and Cod Fortune (currently disowned); Volunteer Secretary, Dolowich Law Offices

"Care for a rugeluck?"

Alex Karpovsky as Johnny Flintzman

Flintzman Furs

"What a thrilling saga. And to think we were here to witness it!"


Full Synopsis

P1 2 P1 2 King of the Egg Cream tells the rollicking 1920s New York tale of Harry Dolowich, a man who rose from nothing to create and control the syrup rackets in Prohibition-era New York. Based on a true story, it imagines the story of a man who reached for the American dream and grabbed a bit more than he could handle.

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