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Parsha in Progress Episode 13: The Death of Aaron’s Sons

Parshat Shemini: When fanaticism kills


Help! I’m a Jewish Leftie, and I’m in Love with an Orthodox Guy

Introducing Thou Shalt, our new advice column


Think of the Children

As we try to make sense of the latest college scandal, let’s focus on how terrible a parent you have to be to sell out your child by trying to rig the system


Farewell to the Hells Angels

My East Village neighbors sell their storied clubhouse


Parsha in Progress Episode 12: Animal Sacrifices

Parshat Vayikra: Does God need blood and guts?


Join the Unorthodox Podcast Team!

We’re looking for a part-time associate producer

News & Politics

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The Mystery of Baruch Goldstein

Twenty-five years after he massacred 29 Palestinians midprayer, the killer is more revered than ever. Why?


The Secret Political History of Queen Esther

From Queen Elizabeth to Abraham Lincoln, the story of Purim has shaped our most contentious debates


After Controversial Politician Is Disqualified, Israel’s Right Sets Its Sights on the Supreme Court

In unprecedented decision, judges rule Michael Ben-Ari unfit to serve


How Dare Chelsea Clinton Defend the Jews?

A run-in at NYU reveals the unavoidable truth: The war for the soul of the left will be fought over anti-Semitism.


At Camp

An excerpt from Matti Friedman’s new book, ‘Spies of No Country: Secret Lives at the Birth of Israel’


Kahane Won

How the radical rabbi’s ideas and disciples took over Israeli politics, and why it’s dangerous

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The Second Wife

Tablet Original Fiction: What right has the Lord of the Universe to forget me?



Jules Feiffer’s American Follies looks left for politics as usual


Inside China’s Plan for Global Supremacy

How the fight for the next communications ecosystem could make a world dependent on Chinese technology, Chinese software, Chinese e-commerce, Chinese venture capital, and the Chinese market


The Rootless Cosmopolitan Who Mocked Totalitarian Consciousness

What the late Yugoslav filmmaker Dušan Makavejev contributed to Greenwich Village’s life-affirming anti-authoritarian counterculture


Lincoln Kirstein at MoMA

The enigmatic, influential benefactor of the arts comes home to the temple of modernism he once shunned


The Myth of the Kidnapped Yemenite Children, and the Sin It Conceals

Immigration to the modern Jewish state has often been chaotic at best. But the insistence that nefarious motives guided its placement work with refugees is unsupported by archival evidence.

Life & Religion

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Kosher Overreach

In this week’s ‘Daf Yomi’: Are the laws of kashrut based on an overly wide interpretation of a single verse in Deuteronomy?


Two Wings and a Prayer

How facing a plane crash changed my personal theology


The 100 Most Jewish Foods

Ep. 174: Gail Simmons, Shalom Auslander, Jill Kargman, Gil Hovav, and more on the Jewish foods that mean the most to them


The Joy of Purim

What the holiday can teach us about fighting evil in our midst


Illuminating the Book of Esther

Creating a new kind of Megillah—using the historic Birds’ Head Haggadah as inspiration


Rolling Out the Rugelach

These popular cookies, filled with fruit and nuts, are surprisingly easy to make