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Will Three Jewish Baseball Stars Play on Yom Kippur?

Putting the Koufax Rule to the test


The Yom Kippur Reader You’ve Been Waiting for Is Finally Here

From poetry to art history, this short and free booklet has everything you need to put you in the mood for repentance


This Yom Kippur, Write Your Own Book of (Jewish) Life

Want to practice real teshuvah? Think about what you would include in your definitive Jewish encyclopedia





Why we’re rooting for the Tampa Bay Rays this baseball postseason—and you should too


Partisans and the Promised Land

Revisiting Primo Levi’s final novel, the surprisingly contemporary ‘If Not Now, When?’


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A Monstrous Betrayal

Caroline Fourest’s ‘Sisters in Arms’ arrives just in time for the Ottoman Anschluss against Syrian Kurdistan


The Koufax Curse

Jewish baseball stars for the Astros, Braves, and Dodgers all decide to play on Yom Kippur. They all lose.


Smoke Signals in the Next Middle East War

Iran’s attack on Saudi Arabia’s oil fields was a warning to Israel in an escalating regional war


The Refugees at the Table

This High Holiday season, remembering how we all got here


A Manual for Living With Defeat

‘Sin•a•gogue,’ a new book about sin and failure in Judaism, is precisely the guide we need in these troubled times


The Case for Building a Synagogue on the Temple Mount

An argument for peace, security, and justice

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Dwight Eisenhower, Holocaust Rescuer

Fifty years after his death, a growing new appreciation for the president’s special empathy for the Jewish people


Facebook’s Hate Speech Policy and the ‘Mystery of Elche’

A medieval Spanish passion play brings an ancient stereotype into the networked 21st century. Should the social media giant ban it from its platform?


The Holocaust Is Having a #MeToo Moment

How should we handle Holocaust victims who also suffered sexual violence—at the hands of other Holocaust victims?


Down With George Washington!

WPA artist Victor Arnautoff’s murals get the woke treatment in San Francisco


The Marx Brothers in ‘Hello, Dalí’

An unrealized surrealist film project known as ‘Giraffes on Horseback Salad’ is rendered in comix, the latest of a century of Talmudic riffs on the disruptive vaudevillian outsiders


The Proust of Disillusion

Remembering the Hungarian writer and dissident György Konrád, who died last month at age 86

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Ends With Benefits

This week’s ‘Daf Yomi’ Talmud study debates the right way to use consecrated Temple leftovers without crossing holy lines


The Magic of an ‘Etrog’

Rokhl’s Golden City: How a strange fruit inspired Yiddish writers


Learning Hebrew—at Last

Without knowing the language, there was no way to fully participate in my community—not in the way I wanted to


Going Viral

Ep. 199: Live from San Francisco with Bari Weiss, author of ‘How to Fight Anti-Semitism,’ and Andrew Marantz, who covers online extremism for ‘The New Yorker’


Explosive Confession: A Yom Kippur Special

Repentance, prayer, and charity, we are told, are our saving graces when Yom Kippur comes around. And, of course, confession is a big part of that trifecta. But do we still get the coveted brownie points if that confession took 30 years?


How I Learned to Fast

As my religious practice has shifted, I’ve finally come to understand what Yom Kippur means to me