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Tucker Carlson’s New Crush

The Fox News host goes full anti-Semite in his latest rant, a love letter to Henry Ford


Remembering Allan Gerson, Fierce Defender of Victims’ Rights

His campaign to hold Libya accountable for the attack on Pan Am Flight 103 resulted in a massive settlement—and a shift in attitudes toward terror-supporting states


Parsha in Progress Episode 32: Loved and Unloved Wives

Parshat Vayetzei: When love is a true pain


A Newly Published Book of Letters Provides a Thrilling Eyewitness Account of Israel’s Birth

Seventy-two years ago this week, the U.N. voted on the Partition Plan, paving the way to Israel’s birth. A letter written that night from Jerusalem captures the community’s joy, gratitude, and trepidation.


The Last ‘Rabbi’ of Baghdad

Jews have been in Iraq for more than two-and-a-half millennia. Today, the entire Jewish community of Baghdad can fit in a single car. In this special Thanksgiving bonus episode, a conversation between Mishy Harman and Emad Levy.


Forty Years?

Debunking the latest claptrap on American policy and Israeli settlements

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Red Yellow Journalism

When it comes to covering Jeremy Corbyn and anti-Semitism, mainstream outlets are having a hard time telling the truth


The New Journalism

When the media turns everything into Russiagate, anyone can be guilty


What Happens When Everyone’s Trying to Get Nukes?

Israel’s ‘Begin Doctrine,’ a commitment to prevent rival regional powers from acquiring nuclear weapons, risks becoming unenforceable—but it’s not clear what comes next


Want to Keep Jews Safe? Criminalize Marijuana

A French court ruled that Sarah Halimi’s murderer—who shouted ‘Allahu akbar’ while holding her captive—can’t be held responsible because he smoked pot before killing her


The New MMA Hotbed: Israel

A father passes the fighting torch to his prodigal son, and a new generation of combat athletes makes a name for the Promised Land


Campus Anti-Zionism Seen Through the Eyes of a Syrian Refugee

I was about to find out that Canadian students at a top school like York University could hold protests just as serious and menacing as those I had seen in the Middle East

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Lucy Dawidowicz, the Yiddish Eagle of the Bronx

The strong-willed scholar of Jewish life and history died 29 years ago today


Ofra, the Mayflower of the Settlements

The author of ‘The Hilltop’ revisits the lands and people Amos Oz confronted in the early 1980s to see how far the West Bank settlements have come, and where they are headed


Roman Polanski’s Dreyfus

Why the filmmaker’s depiction of early-20th-century anti-Semitism in ‘J’accuse’ is, with reservations, ‘important and beautiful’


John Rawls’ ‘A Theory of Justice’ and Jewish Heresy

How the liberal philosopher came to reject Judaism’s ideals of merit and chosenness in favor of progressive justice


Teaching Hebrew to the Puritans

Judah Monis and the failure of evangelizing translation as a spiritual exercise in early colonial America


Thanks, Norman Rockwell

Make Jules Feiffer’s American Follies Great Again!

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Birth Control

In this week’s ‘Daf Yomi,’ Talmudic rabbis debate if a miscarriage causes religious impurity and discuss what to do when a woman discharges a fetus that resembles a fish



A wild journey led two Orthodox brothers from the Bronx to a new life, a new homeland, a new lord, and—above all—each other


Prep-ing for Hanukkah

Jonathan Adler and Simon Doonan on preppy style and drag culture; Molly Yeh on her Hanukkah Food Network special; and One Day University’s Steven Schragis


Yiddish Kidlit

Rokhl’s Golden City: The revolution that belatedly gave birth to children’s books in Yiddish


The End of ‘Sh’ma’

The plucky Jewish magazine’s 50-year history leaves a wealth of stories worth revisiting


The War of the Curls

In Israel, female politicians, models, and celebrities are pressured to straighten their hair. But a curly haired rebellion is taking root.