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Remembering Steve Dalachinsky

‘Poems are everywhere, you don’t have to look far’


Will the Real Volodymyr Zelensky Please Stand Up?

At the Yalta European Strategy conference, an inscrutable spectacle


Einat Admony’s Crispy Cauliflower with Bamba and Peanut Tahini Sauce Recipe

The Israeli chef gives us an ultimate snack for the fall


‘I Have a Plan to Fix It’

In her New York rally this week, Elizabeth Warren demonstrated what sets her campaign apart, and what she still needs to consider before next November


Elizabeth Warren and the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire

When the Democratic presidential candidate told a crowd in Washington Square Park about a ‘very persistent woman’ named Frances Perkins, it was inspiring to see women front-and-center in the narrative


Parsha in Progress Episode 26: On Fruits and Plaster

Parshat Ki Tavo: The Israelites prepare to enter the Land of Israel

News & Politics

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Team Iran

How Iran makes war in the Middle East while turning U.S. foreign policy into an extension of partisan American politics


A Reporter From Hell

Some of the most brutal and powerful officials in Damascus apparently saw Nir Rosen as a useful instrument. The question is why—and for what?


Understanding Israel’s Latest Election Results

Five takeaways to ponder as we wait for the game of political Jenga to begin


Yair Lapid Wants to Teach Israelis to Understand American Jews. Will He Get the Chance?

The Israeli opposition leader has a very different vision for American and Israeli Jews than the current government


Practical Awe

The High Holidays fall in the shadow of the first anniversary of the Tree of Life shooting. Here are four things you can do to make America more just in 5780.


In Praise of Cancel Culture

How the drive to censor everything and everyone is bringing about a new renaissance

Arts & Culture

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Virgil and the Homeless Nations

A Jewish observation


The Secret History of ‘Hava Nagila’

Uncovered: the earliest known version of the Hebrew song


Elizabeth Warren in Washington Square

At last night’s rally, reviving the spirit of Frances Perkins


The Hasidic Underground

Boro Park, Brooklyn, late 1970s, at the nexus of a cultish hippiedom and ultra-Orthodoxy


Jen Silverman Skins the Cat

The deeply absurdist, darkly hilarious drama, poetry, and fiction of a woman who wants to shake us out of our routines


Live a Little

Slip sliding away, in an excerpt from the Booker Prize winner’s latest comic novel

Life & Religion

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Tying a Talmudic Knot

What my father and I learned by studying Talmud—and each other


The One With the Instagram Rabbis

Ep. 196: Modern Ritual’s Samantha Frank and Rena Singer, Saul Austerlitz on ‘Friends,’ and Wesleyan President Michael Roth


A Sweet Treat for the Holidays

With a sugary, crunchy topping, this noodle kugel could be a dessert as well as a side dish


The High Holiday Dilemma

How interfaith couples navigate the Jewish holidays


A New Spin on Traditional German Clothes

Can Jews really reclaim dirndls and lederhosen, once closely associated with Nazis?


Captive Among the Gentiles

This week’s ‘Daf Yomi’ Talmud study suggests contemporary secular Jews have a lot to atone for