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Florida, Felons, and Trump

A new law allowing former felons to vote in Florida could tip the electoral balance, but only if it’s upheld in practice


Gott Bentsch America

An inquiry into the Yiddishisms related to ‘God Bless America,’ the patriotic classic written by a Russian-Jewish immigrant


Gaza Ceasefire Leads to Shakeup in Israel’s Government

Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman resigned Wednesday after a deal was reached with Hamas, prompting speculation that early elections will be called


A Closet of One’s Own

A mother’s carefully curated closet becomes the subject of a family memoir by Maira and Alex Kalman


Is Israel Headed for Another Gaza War?

Just days ago, millions of dollars meant to buy calm finally made it into cash-starved Gaza—so why does Israel now appear to be on the brink of another war with Hamas?

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Israel’s New Diplomatic Horizon

A surprise visit by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to Oman last month reveals the Jewish state’s shifting foreign policy


The Left and the Jews: A Tale of Three Countries

First in a series on the American left: Will left-wing anti-Zionists and anti-Semites in America succeed in hollowing out the traditional liberal left in the United States, as they have in Britain and France?


The Kristallnacht Election

Eighty years after that dark night in Europe, America’s midterms were a contest to see how much of the country could be mobilized on a basis of hysteria and mass loathing


Do American Jews Still Believe They’re White?

And how is it possible that some Jews are still shocked that they’re hated in America?


The Future of the Pittsburgh Synagogue Massacre

Is American anti-Semitism really distinctive from that of other diaspora countries? Just how worried should we be?


Voter Education

Eight candidates who have expressed blatantly anti-Semitic views, or who openly associate with anti-Semites

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The Re-Incarnation of a Frog

Rokhl’s Golden City: Montreal’s shape-shifting klezmer genius Socalled transmigrates into a new album—and gay porn


J.K. Rowling’s ‘Lethal White’

Bookworm: Britain’s most prominent defender of the Jews is also a pretty good male mystery writer


NPR: Neo-Puritan Revival

Why can’t young feminists seem to acknowledge their agency, or fathom that they experience desire at all?


Mish-Mosh Mashup

Ep. 157: Author Gary Shteyngart and Risk! podcast host Kevin Allison, plus some Cleveland mazels


Martha Rosler’s ‘Irrespective’

The iconic Brooklyn-based artist celebrates a new survey of her work at the Jewish Museum

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Messages in Stone

A new study of old Jewish cemeteries in Europe finds the epitaphs whispering at us


From ‘Dad Food’ to Nostalgic Comfort Food

Garlicky and heavy on the cholesterol, salami and eggs—quick and simple to cook at home—became a weeknight staple for generations of American Jews


Learning Lessons From Elie Wiesel

Once Wiesel’s student and teaching assistant, Ariel Burger focuses on what he learned in ‘Witness’



In this week’s ‘Daf Yomi,’ Talmudic scholars grapple with the number of sacrificial measuring cups in the First Temple


Precious Medals

Even though he always insisted, ‘I didn’t do anything,’ my father finally got the military medals he earned in WWII—and I finally heard his stories about his service


Good Fortune

When I inherited money from my father, I had to face an odd realization: Maybe I didn’t want the money at all.