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Impeach the Patriarch!

An imperious rabbi learns a lesson about humility and the importance of free and unfettered debate


Take One: Berakhot 23 and 24

Today’s pages of Talmud bring us head to head with the problematic prohibition on women singing in mixed company


Parsha in Progress Episode 36: The Final Plague and the Two Sides of Matzo

Parshat Bo: The morality of the death of the firstborn, and how the brokenness of matzo reflects our past and future


Open Doors

Even in the wake of a violent attack on his home, a rebbe continues to welcome visitors—regardless of differences


Take One: Berakhot 21 and 22

Today’s daily pages of Talmud tell a bawdy tale that starts with an embarrassing incident and ends with transcendence


Take One: Berakhot 20

Today’s daily page of Talmud asks what’s the difference between thoughts and prayers

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A Brave Jewish Voice in Putin’s Russia

Yevgenia Albats was called ‘kikeface’ as a kid in the Soviet Union and went on to become an intrepid reporter in Moscow. Visiting the U.S. recently, she spoke with Tablet about the state of Russian politics and what it’s like for Jews there today.


Naftali Bennett Makes a Stand

Israel’s defense minister showed politicians everywhere how to respond to racism in their ranks


Coming to Jesus

How a shocking family discovery and some time spent at a hospice run by nuns led one Jewish man to reconsider Christ


Reclaiming Jewish Life After the Nightmare of Communism

How Jews in Prague and Sofia overthrew their troubled communal leadership with the crumbling of the Soviet bloc



The Poles Who Tried to Save My Father

The unknown story of the Bernese Group, a collective of Polish diplomats and Jewish activists in Switzerland who forged passports to try and help Jews escape the horrors of the Holocaust


The British Jews Who Want to Go Back to Germany

With open anti-Semitism in Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party, and Brexit looming, some British Jews are applying for passports to Germany and other European countries their parents fled

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A Russian Typewriter Longs for Her Master

A portrait of my father, the refusenik writer and medical scientist David Shrayer-Petrov, as a New England poet, on his 84th birthday


The Girl Who Took On the British Empire

Esther Cailingold was disillusioned with the British Empire’s treatment of Jews after the Holocaust. So she joined the Jewish resistance in Palestine.


And Statistics

Jules Feiffer’s American Follies turns 91!


The Zionist X-Ray

How a secure Israel brought out the best—and worst—of political Arab men of letters


Adonis in Jerusalem

A Syrian-born poet resembles Arab literary men of the ancient past


Bellow in Jerusalem

A reader’s notes from the Old City

Life & Religion

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The Myth of Chosenness

My father told me a story about God and the Jews when I was a child growing up in Queens. It took me decades to understand what he was trying to tell me.


Never Again Will I Visit Auschwitz

A trip to the concentration camp didn’t turn out the way I’d hoped


Tel Aviv’s Global Menu

Migrant workers and asylum-seekers have brought a world of flavors to the city’s impoverished Neve Sha’anan neighborhood


2019’s Best Holocaust Books for Kids

In honor of International Holocaust Remembrance Day, recent titles that are worth a read


Cut Gems

How Jews brought diamonds from South Africa to Amsterdam to midtown Manhattan


Speak Your Mind

Ep. 212: ‘I Wanted Fries With That’ author Amy Fish on how to complain more effectively, and Carolyn Karcher on ‘Reclaiming Judaism from Zionism’