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Welcome to the Jewish Agency, Mr. Herzog. My Advice? Ignore American Jewish Institutions.

Our elites are useless, but there are many friends to be had elsewhere


The Superstitious Pregnancy in the Age of Social Media

‘The day I see Syrian Jews doing gender reveals on Instagram—I’ll know it’s over!’


Remembering Hillel Slovak, the Forgotten Founder of the Red Hot Chili Peppers

The Israeli-born guitar hero died 20 years ago today


Ask Unorthodox: What Should I Call Really Religious Jews?

Just don’t say ‘ultra’…


Dear Democrats: Please Be Like Warren Buffett and Support Israel

The world’s third-richest person is an ardent Zionist and a committed Democrat. Why can’t more progressives follow suit?


Meet Malka Red, the Nice, Jewish, Queer Rapper on the Rise

And be the first to hear her new single, dropping today

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G7 and the End of Days

Gorbachev dismantled his country’s empire. He was either visionary or crazy. Is Donald Trump now doing the same to America’s global hegemony? If so, why?


The World Cup Made Me a Believer

In watching the great Maradona play, a lesson in theology


That Bernie Sanders CIA Guy Running for Congress From Woodstock

Jeff Beals, a former Iraq-war diplomat, wants to represent New York’s bellwether 19th congressional district in the Catskills, which, like America, is split between coastal liberals and rural conservatives. First he has to get through a crowded Democratic primary later this month.


The Evils of Cultural Appropriation

How victimhood became a moral currency dependent on defining and policing the boundaries of human identity


Block 9: Flashpoint for the Next Lebanon War?

Israel and its neighbor are embroiled in a dispute over the boundaries of resource-rich maritime territories. Which country’s claims are better supported by international maritime law?


America’s Cash-for-Genocide Program in Syria

Agents of Influence: Obama and his advisers, now seeking to shape his legacy, say they are proud they ditched the ‘Washington playbook’ and decided to stay out of the Sunni-Shia conflict in the Middle East. Only they didn’t. They intervened on behalf of Iran.

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The End of Human Rights

‘Rooted Cosmpolitans’ traces how the fight over human rights remains a struggle over Jewish identity and destiny


Israel’s ‘Maktub’ Is the Best Theological Comedy on Netflix Right Now

Imagine a hybrid of ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ and ‘Pulp Fiction,’ and you’ve got this delightful film


Howard Rosenman Says F*ck You

What’s it like to be a Gay Right-Wing Zionist Liberal Oscar-Winning producer in Hollywood these days?


Seeing God at the Skirball Center

The Taste of Israel food festival brings rockstar chefs from the Holy Land to La La Land


Tevye Served Raw, Perchik Served Hot

Rokhl’s Golden City: Two Yiddish ‘Fiddlers’ and Funk-a-Deli


Americans ♥ ‘Fauda,’ Israelis ♥ ‘Imposters’

A Bravo series starring Israeli actress Inbar Lavi is a con game masking something real

Life & Religion

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The Last Thing He Taught Me and the First Thing I Learned

How I stopped worrying and learned to lie to the most important man in my life


Portraits of the Artists

At the height of the AIDS epidemic, photographer Robert Giard captured a generation of gay and lesbian writers, many of them Jewish


The Marrying Kind

It took a long time to meet my bashert. But at 67, I’m ready to stand under the chuppah.


Roots and Boots

Ep. 140: Jewish food historian Michael Twitty, ‘Soccer Style’ author Simon Doonan, and Molly Yeh on her new Food Network show, ‘Girl Meets Farm’


When It Comes to Food, L.A. Is Tel Aviv on the Pacific

In California, Middle Eastern food is having a day in the sun


Archaeology Without Ruins

In this week’s ‘Daf Yomi,’ ancient Talmudic rabbis look for the First and Second Temples without stones or relics to guide them