This week on Unorthodox, Jared and Ivanka go shul shopping in Washington, D.C.

Our Jewish guest is renowned biblical scholar Avivah Gottlieb Zornberg, whose latest book examines the life of Moses, one of the most enigmatic biblical figures (you can read an excerpt here). She tells us about exploring the often overlooked aspects of Moses’s life—his speech impediment, for example, and the outsize role it played in his engagement with God and other people–and why she believes Moses is one of the most compelling literary characters of all time. (This segment is sponsored by Yale Jewish Lives.)

Our Gentile of the Week is linguist John McWhorter, author of the forthcoming book Talking Back, Talking Black. He tells us the latest linguistic trends he notices among his college students, why there’s no such thing as a safe space (or at least an unironic one), and why it’s OK to say ‘like’ a lot, as long as you’re not in a meeting.

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