(Tablet Magazine / Esther Werdiger)

Valentine’s Day is not native to Israel, but the country does not lack for tales of love and romance (or pursuit thereof). In this, our sixth and final episode of Israel Story’s first season, we bring you some of those.

Writer, director, and actor Ghazi Albuliwi looks back at the twists and turns of his arranged marriage in Tulkarm. A husband and wife in their sixties look back at their 37 years together. Mishy Harman eavesdrops on the matchmaking quest of his downstairs neighbor. And an Israeli and a Palestinian confront the barriers to love. Listen to the full episode here, or download from iTunes. (You can find all episodes of Sipur Israeli, the Hebrew version of Israel Story, here, and all our English-language episodes here.)

Prologue: What Does Love Sound Like?

Act 1: The Queen Rania Tree (by Shoshi Shmuluvitz, with production help from Tarek Fouda and music by Podington Bear)

Act 2: Michael and Leah (by Benny Becker, with original music by Collin Oldham)

Act 3: It’s Been Six Dates (production help from Jonathan Groubert, with music by Latché Swing, John Zorn, OK Ikumi, and Zee Avi)

Act 4: Checkpoints and Secrets (by Daniel Estrin)