In the last episode of Israel Story, we met couples in love. But for every story of love found, there are, of course, piles of broken hearts. Today, we’ve got tales of three of those.

Our first story, “United We Fall,” chronicles the falling apart of a very tight-knit family—the members of Kibbutz Ein-Harod. The kibbutz was founded in 1921. Three decades later, things started to disintegrate. After years of living, farming, and fighting together, they found themselves on opposite sides of an ideological rift. The hurt that accompanied that breakup has not healed to this day.

In Act II, Shoshi Shmuluvitz revisits her first big love. She met Jonathan, the son of a family friend, when they were both 18. He lived in London, she was in New York. He was into drugs and music; she was a studious introvert. They fell hard for each other, loved intensely, and then crashed and burned. Recently, Shoshi got back in touch with him and recorded this conversation about what they had, and what they lost.

Act III, “Anywhere,” is about the lengths we will go to to win a person back. After Mishy Harman’s girlfriend, “the one” as far as he was concerned, dumped him, he hitchhiked around the world to prove to her that he was “flexible.”