This week on Unorthodox, the producers take over while Mark, Liel, and Stephanie are off having summer fun. Shira, Noah, and Josh bring you three stories of people sharing, studying, and challenging their faith.

First up, Unorthodox couples counseling. Listeners Ken Rosen and Elettra Pauletto came to us to discuss their pre-marriage anxieties about conversion, kids, and Jewish practice. Second, Shira sits down with her favorite gentile, Harvard Divinity School professor Charles Stang, to talk about how he formed his Christian identity, discovering his love of Ashkenazi food, and the challenge of finding good babka in Israel. Finally, we check in with Franciscan Sister Julia Walsh, who was a guest on our Mother’s Day episode. After she mentioned she didn’t think there were any Jews up in the Northern Woods of Wisconsin, our listeners in the area invited her to a Shabbat dinner. We’ve got the tape.

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