This week on Unorthodox, you’ll never look at an Einstein Bros. bagel the same way again.

Our Jewish guests are David Rossmer and Steve Rosen, co-writers and co-stars in the Off-Broadway play “The Other Josh Cohen.” They tell us about meeting at the performing arts summer camp French Woods and working together ever since, most recently collaborating on this rollicking musical tale of mistaken identity (apparently there are a lot of Josh Cohens out there!).

Our gentile of the week is Drew Magary, a columnist for GQ and Deadspin, and the author of the memoir Someone Could Get Hurt: A Memoir of Twenty-First-Century Parenthood. He tells us about his highly controversial recent column about bagels, and asks us if he’s in for a year of shlepping his now 12-year-old daughter to bar mitzvahs in the Maryland area.

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