I love eggplant. So, when I attended a recent Shabbat dinner in Istanbul at the home of Sami Konfino and his family, I immediately searched for the eggplant on the vast mezze of appetizers.

The Konfinos live in a beautiful apartment on the Bosporus, looking over Istanbul. The invited guests at this weekly potluck dinner were relatives and friends from Edirne (formerly Adrianapole), a city in western Anatolia where the Konfinos once lived. Eggplant caviar was one of the many appetizers, but there were several other eggplant dishes, including a very Jewish almodrote de berenjena, which is kind of a delicious eggplant kugel whose history goes back to pre-Inquisition Spain.

I have updated the recipe for almodrote a bit (recipe here), and it has become a favorite in my own family.


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