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Shavuot FAQ: Everything you ever wanted to know about the Festival of Weeks, by the Editors

Field Study: Why the holiday of Shavuot is all but ignored across America, by Marissa Brostoff

At Sinai: A recent convert to Judaism discusses why Shavuot is her favorite holiday, by Siân Gibby


Got Milk?: The complicated history of Jews and dairy, by Liel Leibovitz

Blintz Binge: One woman’s search for the perfect cheese-filled pancake, by Katie Robbins

Dairy Heirs: Shavuot and cheese, past and present, by Joan Nathan

Light and Sweet: Shavuot provides the perfect excuse for a cheesecake pilgrimage, by Blake Eskin

DAWN 2010

Sandra Bernhard Discusses Shavuot

Dawn 2010: The Mixtape

Davy Rothbart Tells Some Stories

Rodger Kamenetz Scans The Universe

Tiffany Shlain Premieres Her Film

Josh Kun Makes a Mix Tape

Eddy Portnoy Explains Nasalogy

Gary Shteyngart Answers Questions

Daniel Handler Mixes a Drink