Header Rosh Hashanah

Ritual and Observance:

High Holidays 5771

Rosh Hashanah: A Guide for the Perplexed: Everything you ever wanted to know about the holiday, by the Editors

Holiday in the Hinterland: Once home to Jewish immigrants, a South African city today hosts a very different sort of Jewish practice, by Eve Fairbanks

On One Foot: A new Nextbook Press biography of Hillel makes clear that the rabbi’s words and thoughts—though millennia old—resonate today, by Joseph Telushkin

United State: A recent contretemps in Israel served to underscore the surprising and recent cohesion among the branches of U.S. Judaism, by Jonathan D. Sarna

Parts of the Whole: In the reflective period of the High Holidays, Tablet Magazine—together with rabbis and writers—considers the debate over Jewish identity and makes an argument for inclusiveness, by Alana Newhouse

Into the Jewish People: The rabbi who co-officiated at the Clinton-Mezvinsky wedding on his journey to accepting intermarriage, by James Ponet

The Jews’ Jews: Anti-Semites paint Jews as different and strange; many Jews do the same to the so-called ‘ultra-Orthodox’, by Avi Shafran

Visiting the Dead: A visit to New York’s Mount Carmel Cemetery highlights how far American Jews have drifted from their immigrant anecestors, geographically and ritually, by Vox Tablet

My Education: What I learned about myself and my family by leading High Holiday services at UCLA, by Mayim Bialik

Blow, Gabriel, Blow: Learning about the shofar, then trying to play one, by Vox Tablet


Pilgrimage: Each year before Rosh Hashanah, thousands of Jews visit the grave of Rabbi Nachman of Bratslav. Rodger Kamenetz joined them and brought along a friend: Franz Kafka.

On the Bookshelf: High Holiday prayerbooks of every stripe, by Josh Lambert


High Holidays 5771

Kitchen Conversions: Intermarried couples must learn new holiday recipes and traditions, by Joan Nathan

L’Chaim!: Six kosher wines to spruce up your holiday meals, by Mark Oldman

Market Value: With Rosh Hashanah falling earlier than usual, a chef offers holiday dishes built around late-summer produce, by Melissa Petitto

Happy New Year: A Manhattan bartender devises some Rosh Hashanah cocktails, by Marissa Brostoff

Taste Test: The Tablet staff discovers the perfect apple-honey combo, by the Editors

Yom Kippur

Ritual and Observance:

High Holidays 5771

Yom Kippur: A Guide for the Perplexed: Everything you ever wanted to know about the Day of Atonement, by The Editors

Seeing Things: When fast-food-induced hallucinations of Chelsea Clinton precede Yom Kippur, extreme measures must be taken

First Draft: Envisioning a rabbi’s struggle to write an original Yom Kippur sermon, by Shalom Auslander

Print War: How the relationship between a reporter and his editor shook the Yiddish press, by Eddy Portnoy

In the Rearview: Novelist Darin Strauss talks about living with, and atoning for, a terrible car accident, by Vox Tablet

Shoes You Can Use: What to wear on Yom Kippur, when leather is banned, by Allison Hoffman

Pardon Me: My childhood bullying, and an attempt to atone for it, by David Rakoff

Hunger Games: How a current best-seller gets Yom Kippur shockingly right, by Marjorie Ingall


High Holidays 5771

Sacred Remake: We may talk of its eternal qualities, but the music of Kol Nidre is forever being made anew, by Ari Y. Kelman

Melancholy Melody: Kol Nidre gets me every time, by Alexander Gelfand


Confessional Notes: An Israeli designer crafts an unorthodox ritual object for Yom Kippur, by Len Small