This week, we’re getting our Unorthodox on early, with a jam-packed special episode for you to listen to while you wait on line to vote.

Our first Jewish guest is Stephanie’s maternal grandfather Albert Rothaus, a retiree who lives in Boca Raton, Florida, with his wife, Cecile. The lifelong Democrat tells us what it’s like being a Hillary supporter in Trumpland, the arguments he hears in favor of Trump, and about putting friendships on ice during the election.

Our second Jewish guest is Tablet columnist and Daily Beast contributor Jamie Kirchick, who tells us which Republicans have most disappointed him the most this election season, the worst thing he’s been called on Twitter, and what it’s like to be a conservative who’s voting for Hillary Clinton.

Our third Jewish guest is Eliana Johnson, National Review’s Washington editor, who tells us what the mood is like in her Washington, D.C. office, why certain Senate races are more important than the presidential election, and why she’s not voting at the top of the ticket.

Our Gentile of the Week is the Washington Post’s Bob Woodward, who offers his election predictions, tells us whether he’s ever missed the Nixon administration during this election, and whether he’s sick of the suffix ‘-gate’ being added to every political scandal. Tickets here.

For a final Election Day treat, our editor Noah Levinson has a report from a Melania Trump rally in Philadelphia this weekend, where he asks Jews why they are voting for Trump.

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