Israeli musician Shuly Rand.(Image from the album Good Point.)

You can count on one hand, if not one finger, the number of openly devout Jewish musicians who have attracted a sizeable secular following in the United States. There’s Matisyahu, and there’s … ? In Israel, though, the pop music landscape looks very different. Many of the most popular singers there today are deeply religious, and they explore their faith through music. In this week’s Vox Tablet podcast, Tablet Magazine’s Liel Leibovitz, a ninth-generation Israeli, explains that they’re popular neither because of their religiosity nor in spite of it. Here’s the playlist: 1. Shuli Rand, “Mohin Dektanot,” from the album Good Point 2. Shuli Rand, “Ma Hatachlit,” from the album Good Point 3. Eviatar Banai, “Av Harachman,” from the album Night Will Shine as Day 4. Berry Sakharof, “Shochney Batey Chomer,” from the album Adumey Hasfatot 5. Berry Sakharof, “Melitsati Bideagati Hadufa,” from the album Adumey Hasfatot