Cocktail #4 at HaSadna (The Workshop).(Daniel Estrin)

The dog days of August are upon us and with them, a marked slowdown in productivity. Nobody answers our calls, hardly anyone responds to emails, and those of us in the office find ourselves fantasizing about drinking icy beverages in faraway locales. Which got us wondering: What are people in Jerusalem drinking these days? Has the Holy City picked up on the craft cocktail movement currently holding sway throughout the Diaspora? And what drink best captures the life and spirit of the city?

We sent Daniel Estrin to investigate. Happy to oblige, he criss-crossed the city, making stops at three bars—HaSadna in Talpiot, the American Colony in East Jerusalem, and Shuka in Mahane Yehuda—to find out what special drinks the bartenders are serving this season and who’s drinking them. Along the way, he met some great characters, sipped some delicious concoctions (recipes included), and—yes—got drunk. [Running time: 17:43.]