Aunt Linda’s a Singer

Vox Tablet launches a revue of our favorite episodes from the past decade with this gem of a story from Janice Erlbaum

By Vox Tablet|June 10, 2015 12:00 AM

Six years ago this week, Tablet Magazine debuted, and with it, the podcast Vox Tablet. The truth is, the Vox Tablet team has been making podcasts for nearly 10 years, having started out as the Nextbook podcast and now fast approaching our 500th installment.

To celebrate this terrific accomplishment, we’ve pulled out some favorite episodes from over the years, and we’re featuring them every day for the next month, on Twitter (#VoxVault), on Facebook, and in Tablet’s daily newsletter [1].

To get this party started, today we share Janice Erlbaum’s 2006 story “My Cousin Melissa’s Wedding.” Erlbaum is a performer and writer—her newest book is I, Liar [2].

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