This week on Unorthodox: Ralph Lauren steps down as CEO of his namesake clothing company, Amy Schumer lands an $8 million book deal, and Mahmoud Abbas drops by the U.N. General Assembly.

Our Jewish guest is best-selling essayist Sloane Crosley, whose first novel, The Clasp, tells the story of college friends who reunite a decade later and get swept up in a modern-day treasure hunt across Europe. She explains how a Jewish girl ended up with the name Sloane Crosley (there’s a Crosley radio involved, as well as a Charlton Heston movie) and tells us about the transition from essay-writing to fiction.

Our non-Jewish guest is New York Times poetry critic David Orr. His latest book, The Road Not Taken, is about how most of us misunderstand Robert Frost’s famous poem—and why that doesn’t matter. He asks the panel why there don’t seem to be as many prominent Jewish poets in America as there are prominent Jewish novelists.

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