This Thanksgiving, we’re thankful for good health, cats, and Drake. But mostly, dear listeners, we’re thankful for you.

Over the past 17 weeks, you’ve not only listened to our humble podcast, you’ve gotten your friends to listen, showed up at our first live taping, and, best of all, written to us to tell us exactly what you think of the show. A lot.

Some of you hate it, but more of you like it, and a few even love it! Along the way, you’ve told us stories about your families, your beliefs, and your experiences. We so appreciate you taking the time to write us (even when it’s to tell us we talk too fast, or don’t know what we’re talking about), that we’ve dedicated this special Thanksgiving episode to your letters.

We talk to a few letter writers, including a family in Phoenix who listens to our show on the way to school Thursday mornings; a college professor who, when asked at the grocery store what he was listening to, lied and said The Gist; and Mark’s brother, Daniel Oppenheimer. Comedians Jo Firestone and Connor Ratliff read a selection of missives aloud, and, to top it all off, singer-songwriter and playwright Jim Knable performs a song composed from the exact text from your correspondence.

Happy Thanksgiving, and keep those letters coming to

Audio Extra: More of the letters, uncut, as interpreted by Jo and Connor, here.