photo of Aline Kominsky Crumb

Known as the brassy but forgiving wife of legendary cartoonist Robert Crumb, Aline Kominsky Crumb has charted her own equally rebellious life course. Raised on Long Island, she fled her family’s bourgeois milieu and headed for art school. In San Francisco in the early 1970s, she fell in with a group of pioneering women cartoonists—and married her future collaborator, Robert Crumb, with whom she had a daughter, Sophie, also a cartoonist. In the early 1990s, in the face of rising conservatism, the family relocated to Southern France.

In her new autobiography, Need More Love, rendered in vibrant images and frank text, Kominsky Crumb offers colorful episodes from her unusual life. She talks with host Sara Ivry about her trajectory from curly-headed class clown to unabashed expat artist.

Detail of 'Nose Job' by Aline Kominsky Crumb
Detail of 'Euro Dirty Laundry' by Robert, Aline, and Sophie Crumb