Before the Exodus

A tour of Streit’s matzo factory, while it’s still in the neighborhood

By Sean Cole|April 14, 2008 12:00 PM

The news broke back in December: After 80 years on the Lower East Side, Streit’s matzoh factory had decided to relocate, most likely to New Jersey. The building is currently on the market at an asking price of 25 million dollars.

The popular matzoh will still appear in supermarkets each spring, alongside the macaroons and chocolate-covered jelly rings [1]. But the family-run factory on Rivington Street is a landmark, and patrons who remember lining up outside its small storefront for their Seder [2] supply will be sorry to see it go. And so, during what might be Streit’s final Passover production run in the neighborhood, we sent Sean Cole to take a look at how the operation works.

Streit's matzoh factory
Streit’s matzoh factory

Photos: Sean Cole. 

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