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Ep. 284: Our guest host searches for her soul while our GOTW helps us search for home appliances

August 5, 2021

This week on Unorthodox, we have a very special guest host! Former all-star Unorthodox guest Kylie Unell joins Mark and Liel to talk about the important news of the Jews, including Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher’s lack of showers, and Argentina’s lack of tact.

Enjoy a sneak peak of Kylie’s upcoming Tablet podcast How to Fix a Soul in 30 Days. Get ready for Jewish year 5782 by traveling along with Kylie as she searches for her soul.

We also speak with GOTW Liam McCabe, senior staff writer for Wirecutter, about the high-stakes responsibility of recommending home appliances.

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