The 300th Episode

Simon Doonan hosts a celebration of Unorthodox featuring personal stories from our hosts and milestone messages from listeners, friends of the show, and former guests

December 30, 2021

This week, we’re celebrating a major milestone: 300 episodes. That’s more than 18,000 minutes of tape over six years, featuring thousands of News of the Jews items, hundreds of amazing Jews and Gentiles of the Week, and way too many jokes about Belgium. We’ve been through a lot together, J-Crew. There was the Saran Wrap versus tin foil fight, the debate over backing into parking spaces, and endless discussions of what activities might accurately be categorized as “Jewish.”

We’ve shared stories of conversion and atonement and nose jobs, and performed live shows across the country, from St. Louis to San Diego, and Denver to Detroit. Along the way, our team wrote a book, welcomed three human children and six podcast babies, and even got to be part of a proposal and then a wedding.

Today, we’re celebrating everything that makes Unorthodox the No. 1 Jewish podcast with a special episode hosted by friend-of-the-show and Making It judge Simon Doonan. You’ll hear stories from our hosts—about Stephanie finding her voice, Mark learning what happens when an off-hand comment incites an unexpected online mob, and Liel realizing that fighting about politics isn’t always worth it—and messages from listeners and some of our favorite former guests.

On behalf of the entire Unorthodox team, shalom friends—and thanks for listening.

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