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Sneak Peek: Antisemitism, Explained

A new YouTube series by Tablet’s Yair Rosenberg

August 19, 2021
Tablet Magazine

While the Unorthodox team is taking a short break, we wanted to share a sneak peek into Antisemitism, Explained, a new project by Tablet journalist (and former Unorthodox guest) Yair Rosenberg.

Watch the whole series at:

The resurgence of attacks against Jews and Jewish institutions across the USA and the globe has brought the issue of antisemitism into sharp focus once again. 

To understand the historical roots of current antisemitic events and to unpack how antisemitism shapes and affects young Jews’ identities and the world in which they live, OpenDor Media’s division Unpacked is produced this series of six YouTube videos written by award-winning journalist Yair Rosenberg, designed to debunk seven of the most common myths about this phenomenon.

Listen for a taste of what you might learn from these videos, as well as an interview between Liel and Yair.

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