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Jürgen Krauss’ Chocolate and Yuzu Passover Plava

February 03, 2022
Jürgen Krauss' Chocolate and Yuzu Passover Plava

Jürgen Krauss, The Great British Baking Show semifinalist who won our hearts with his Passover pavlova recipe, joined us on Unorthodox and told us about representing his family’s Jewish faith in his flavors. Krauss, who isn’t Jewish himself but is married to a Jewish woman and raising a Jewish family, is particularly inspired by the holiday of Passover, and shared a new Passover plava recipe with us.

Recipe by: Jürgen Krauss

This sponge can be a bit dry on its own, being fat-less, but it has a lot of possibilities. You can go fancy with it, creating a sacher-style cake, or creating a layer cake with buttercream, or vegan butter cream. You can even create a Black Forest Gateau-inspired desert using cherries in syrup and a bit of Kirsch.

You can also serve with steeped dried fruit, a classic at our relatives’ Passover Seder: Put dried fruit into a saucepan. Add enough water to cover the fruit. Cover with a lid and let soak overnight. If necessary add more liquid, bring fruit to a boil and simmer until soft, but not mushy. Well suited dried fruit are figs, prunes, cranberries, or pears.


  • 5egg whites
  • 5egg yolks
  • 1cup + 3 tbsp (250 grams) granulated sugar
  • ½cup (60 grams) fine matzo meal
  • cup (60 grams) potato starch potato starch
  • 3 ½tbsp (15 grams) yuzu powder
  • ¼heaping cup (30 grams) cocoa powder
  • 1pinch salt
  • 1tsp (5 grams) lemon juice


A second Passover treat from the ‘The Great British Baking Show’ semifinalist

  • Step 1

    Preheat oven to 325F fan/350F convection (160C fan/180C convection)

  • Step 2

    Lightly oil a 9-inch (23cm) springform, line the bottom with baking paper and cover the sides in granulated sugar

  • Step 3

    Whisk egg yolks with half of the sugar, once creamy white and fluffy add lemon juice and whisk a bit more

  • Step 4

    Whisk egg whites with salt until stiff, then continue whisking while adding the remaining sugar bit by bit, until you get a shiny, stiff meringue

  • Step 5

    Combine matzo meal, potato starch, yuzu powder and cocoa powder

  • Step 6

    Fold egg yolk mix into meringue

  • Step 7

    Carefully fold matzo mix into eggs

  • Step 8

    Carefully transfer mixture into springform and even out the top with a spatula

  • Step 9

    Bake for about 60 minutes. Take care not to overbake. Use the skewer test.

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