Benjamin Netanyahu.(MICHAL CIZEK/AFP/GettyImages)

• Benjamin Netanyahu is Time Magazine’s cover story, which ominiously asks whether he will make peace or war. [Time]

• A senior Turkish official, sent to Israel by Prime Minister Erdogan, met with Netanyahu. [Times of Israel]

• A new mural in Manhattan’s West Village, commissioned by the Alumni Community of Birthright Israel and contrasting gay rights in Israel with those in neighboring Arab countries, has sparked discussion and controversy. [NYT]

• Would you rather get the campaign mailer from Rep. Brad Sherman with his mother in the picture, or the one where she is photo-shopped out? [LA Observed]

• Crown Heights gets into the art scene with the Betzalel Gallery, opening tonight. [WNYC]

• Is there anything creepier than the trailer for The Possession, a Dybbuk-inspired horror movie? [io9]