Etan Patz.(ABC News)

• A New Jersey man named Pedro Hernandez was taken into custody this morning on suspicions related to the Etan Patz case. This could be it. [NYDN]

• There was more or less a race riot against Sudanese immigrants in southern Tel Aviv last night, with the rioters’ sentiments vaguely backed even by some politicians. [Haaretz]

• Oil sanctions are crushing Syria’s economy. [NYT]

• Ari Shavit has a blistering column on Iran and President Obama, whom he accuses of “betraying his office.” [Haaretz]

• Yousef Munayyer, last seen on this blog for being the prominent non-two-stater on Peter Beinart’s, op-eds about inequality between Palestinians who are Israeli citizens (such as himself) and Palestinians who aren’t (such as his wife). [NYT]

• Say what you want—and there’s plenty to say—about their choices, it’s a little notable that Egyptians voted yesterday (and are voting today) in essentially free and fair elections. [NYT]