A Palestinian demonstrator on Nakba Day earlier this month.(Jack Guez/AFP/GettyImages)

• A new bill proposed by Sen. Mark Kirk would, if passed and honored by presidents, greatly reduce the number of people considered to be Palestinian refugees under U.S. law. It passed its committee today. [JTA]

• Syria’s instability threatens to spread to its neighbors Lebanon, Iraq, and Jordan, says David Ignatius. [WP]

• Romney up on Obama in FL? [AP/Vos Iz Neais?]

• Some U.S. Jewish groups condemned last night’s riot in Tel Aviv; others did not and should have. [JTA/Daily Beast Open Zion]

• Shmarya Rosenberg accuses the Forward of doing to him what the New York Times did to the Forward. [Failed Messiah]

• Jewcy has compiled the five best Jewish cameos in Andy Samberg’s digital shorts. [Jewcy]

Happy 71st birthday to the former Robert Zimmerman.