This week in friendly. (Mandel Ngan/AFP/Getty)

Here is a headline in the Jerusalem Post proclaiming that “Most Israelis think Romney would be ‘friendlier.’” Another sign of the rightward drift of the country? Maybe Israelis are really racist or, alternatively, they’ve seen into Obama’s soul and know how much he really hates Israel? The answer, as far as the poll being reported on goes, is none of the above, since so far as I can tell there is nothing in it to match the headline.

Then again, it is Friday.

See for yourself, from the full results. This is the poll question that uses the word “friendliness.”

In other words, in 2007 – before he’d even scored the nomination — 73 percent described Obama as friendly to Israel, which then dipped dramatically in the year after he was elected, to 38 percent, and has subsequently risen a bit to 45 percent. Here are the only questions that mention Mitt Romney, besides a specific question about Iran policy:

So basically, a third of respondents thought the Romney administration would do better on U.S.-Israel relations – but not as many as the ones who didn’t know. Meanwhile, in a direct comparison of Romney and Obama, half the respondents don’t even know, and there is a 9 point margin in Romney’s favor. Per the headline, there’s not even a “majority” in favor of “I don’t know, because as important as U.S.-Israeli relations are to Israel, I don’t get a vote in this election/I have my own domestic worries to deal with.”

The only conclusion from this survey is that Obama needs to make a surprise visit to Jerusalem to shore up the all-important Israeli electoral votes. Otherwise, let a thousand conspiracy email forwards bloom.

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