The Golden Dawn flag(wikipedia)

• Golden Dawn, the Greek Neo-Nazi party whose members had in weeks past attacked a Jerusalem Post correspondent and beaten a female politician on live television, maintained most of its seats in parliament after new elections. The center-right New Democracy party won the right to form a coalition. [WaPo]

• The National Front won two seats in second-round elections returning the party to the French parliament for the first time since 1988. Nation Front party leader Marine Le Pen narrowly lost her bid for a seat and is demanding a recount. Her 22-year old niece, Marion Marécha-Le Pen, won a seat after her socialist opponent refused party orders to bow out in favor of a center-right candidate. The Socialists won a large majority. [France24]

• And Egyptian news outlets are calling the presidential election for the Islamist candidate, Mohamed Morsi, who will have zero power under the military-drafted constitution. More at 10. [NYT]

• Israeli workers were attacked along the border with Egypt. One construction worker and two gunmen were killed. [NYT]

• Israelis reportedly responding by massing tanks near the border. [Ynet]

• Israel’s Air Force attacked what the military called ‘a terrorist squad of snipers’ in the Northern Gaza Strip, following an attack last night on two other locations in Gaza. Seven were reported killed including a woman and a child. [JTA]

• Der Spiegel has published documents showing that German Neo-Nazis assisted Black September in the Munich attack. [JTA]

• Iran Nuke talks have resumed in Moscow. [NYT]

• Michigan State Rep. Lisa Brown, the Jewish lawmaker who has been banned from speaking on the legislature floor after saying ‘Vagina’ during a speech that cited Jewish law to oppose an anti-abortion bill, will take part in an Eve Ensler led performance of ‘The Vagina Monologues’ on the state Capitol steps in Lansing at 6PM. [NYDN]