Today’s image of the day comes from the Brooklyn Queens Expressway, where according to sources, a billboard—sponsored by the Congregation of Yad Moshe— has been erected to warn commuting Jews about the temptations or perils of Manhattan:

The sign on the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway reads in Hebrew: “Dear Jew: You are entering a dangerous place. Shield your eyes.” The words “Shield your eyes” are repeated in English.

Now, beyond the natural dangers of taking that message literally while driving a car, a better question would be to ask what dangers does New York City, recently named the safest large city in the country,  hold for Jews that a great of number of religious Jewish enclaves in America not have themselves? A cursory glimpse at some of the biggest stories over the past few years would show a not insignificant number of criminal and social problems exist in communities that are exclusively Jewish. So, what gives?

Looks like we’re gonna need a bigger sign.

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