• Russian billionares have created an annual prize of one million dollars for excellence in any field as long as it is inspired by Jewish values. Which, as I understand it, means that I am now competing with every Jewish person on the planet. I submit that excellent (Jewish values inspired) joke for your consideration. [NYT]

• Israeli and American researchers have created “infinite-capacity wireless vortex beams that can carry 2.5 terabits per second.” Or, if you prefer, they’ve created the world’s fastest wireless network by twisting light tighter than a rich uncle to facilitate you reading Tablet Magazine. [io9]

• Sports columnist Gilad Shalit met with Mike Bloomberg in a ceremony at city hall. [City Room]

• Kevin Youkillis was traded to the Chicago White Sox. [Grantland]

• Despite Israel’s advances in green tech, it is still far behind on alternative energy. [Times of Israel]

• Elmo was arrested in central park for harassing people with an anti-Semitic rant. I never trusted Elmo. [Smoking Gun]