A protest in Jerusalem last month against replacing the Tal Law.(Lior Mizrahi/Getty Images)

• The joint Likud-Kadima committee to replace the Tal Law looks in jeopardy after the Likud co-chair, possibly spooked by addressing a conference of Haredim, went back on many of his positions about drafting the ultra-Orthodox. [Haaretz]

• When Egypt’s parliament convened yesterday in defiance of the high court’s having disbanded it, they did so to appeal that decision. One court responded by reiterating that the parliament was dissolved. So … yeah. [NYT]

• Intelligence produced from the late former head of Al Qaeda in Africa reveals plans to strike London, targeting specific sites including Eton and certain heavily Jewish neighborhoods. [Toronto Star]

• Russia is sending more than a dozen warships on maneuvers near its Syrian port in Tartus, as a show of influence and to assert that a settlement in Damascus requires Moscow’s buy-in. [NYT]

• Thousands of Palestinians in East Jerusalem have suffered a water supply problem in recent weeks. [Haaretz]

• Matisyahu heads for camp, like the rest of us. [Jewcy]