• A conference for Orthodox feminists in Israel addressed some hot topics, including women rabbis and family planning. But it wasn’t quite up to the Jerusalem Post’s standards: “women came with infants slung across their stomachs or strapped into strollers, which immediately raised the question: Where is dad? Answer: Infant-free at work. Not exactly radical feminism in action.” [JPost]
• A writer remembers her father, who left behind his family of Lithuanian Jews in Utica, New York, and moved to Asia; on visits home, he insisted on walking to synagogue without a coat, perhaps as a “quiet unintentional rebellion against the blustery winters and conventional surroundings from his past.” [Granta]
• Preferring bourekas to croissants, Travel + Leisure Magazine’s readers ranked Jerusalem the number 17 city for tourists, ahead of Paris and Barcelona (and Tel Aviv, which didn’t make the top 20). [T+L]