• President Obama announced his support for a moment of silence at the Olympics this year to honor the 40th anniversary of the Munich attacks. [ABC]

• Bashar al-Assad swears in a new defense minister while fighting near Damascus entered its fifth day. [NYT]

• Glenn Greenwald, America’s sweetheart, is leaving his much maligned blog at Salon for the U.S. Edition of The Guardian. Cheerio? [NYMag]

• Mike Lacher inhabits the emotional space of Comics Sans font in one of the funnier things you’ll read this summer. [McSweeney’s]

• Erica Groshen, an Obama appointee, was placed within the cross-hairs of Tucker Carlson’s The Caller for sending her children to a socialist summer camp that seemingly even the House Un-American Activities Committee even determined wasn’t a socialist camp. [HuffPo]

• Justin Bieber has Twitter-anointed a recently bat-mitzvahed tween as THE new teen pop star. [Jewcy]

Happy birthday Buster Benton, no longer lonesome for a dime: