• Following last week’s bizarre Camp Kinderland and Ramah stories, a Jewish summer camp is in the spotlight after it was revealed that James Holmes, the non-Jewish alleged shooter in the horrific theater attack in Colorado, worked at a Camp Max Straus in California. [JTA]

• Kadima Leader Shaul Mofaz 86ed four members of Kadima who were bent on mutiny from the party. [JPost]

• Syria, admitting it has non-conventional weapons, claims it won’t use them for anything other than foreign attacks, which is convenient since it blames the rebellion on ‘foreign hands.’ [NYT]

• While claiming to control the Strait of Hormuz, an Iranian general also backs off the threat to close it. [Times of Israel]

• Reuters details the Israeli plan to revive the polluted and stagnant Jordan River. [Reuters]

• Haaretz is reporting that Defense Minister Ehud Barak is ordering the demolition of eight Palestinian villages so the land can be used for IDF training exercises. [Haaretz]